How far is it to the Airport?

Are you looking for a Le Marche house within about 45 minutes’ drive of an international airport? Are you limiting you search because of this?

I can understand the wish to near to an airport but I would say that for Le Marche it is not the most important requirement. Would you like to be near the coast or near the mountains or do you prefer ‘tra monti e mare’? How far is it to the local bar for getting a good espresso or cappuccino? Pizza? And where is the shop for my local ‘prosciutto crudo’, ‘pecorino’ and olive oil? These are daily requirements, essential for enjoying Le Marche to the full.

Nevertheless, I still understand the need that after you are stranded for an hour, or more, in yet another traffic jam on your way to an UK based airport you would like, as soon as you arrive in Italy, to be at your property without further delay and stress. Luckily, the infrastructure in Le Marche is well developed and surprisingly efficient. No traffic jams!

The airports

From both Ancona Airport as well Pescara Airport you will hit the “Autostrada”, which is running along the coast, straight away. A good network of “Superstrada’s” and provincial roads will bring you further inland. Most interesting towns in Le Marche are within less than 1 or 1.5 hour of driving (or faster if you drive as an Italian).

The advantage is that you can consider whole Le Marche, exploring the many up-and-coming towns, and in this way maximizing you change to find your dream house and your favourite pizzeria.

Especially properties with good access to the coast and to the mountains are getting more popular. For example, from a town like San Ginesio in Macerata province you are on beach in less than 40 minutes but in winter time you are on the ski slopes in the same time.

Last but not at least less important, you should consider that your favourite airline could chance their flight schedule (permanent or for the winter and summer seasons) and suddenly another airport is easier and cheaper to fly to.