About Marche Property Net

Hi! My name is Robert, and in 2014 I started Marche Property Net.

Me and my wife used to work abroad as engineers for development aid projects. As students we worked in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India and Argentina. While, as a family we lived in Egypt, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.

As the children grew older, we went to look for a place to settle down. This was not that easy as having lived in the most amazing places. We finally found it in Le Marche.

In 2000 we bought Azienda Cerqueto and started renovating it. After two years Azienda Cerqueto was nearly finished. Azienda Cerqueto is where we live and where our offices are.

I began working as a real estate agent and became a registered estate agent (agente di affari in mediazione) by becoming a member of the Italian Federation of Professional Estate Agents (FIAIP). In the years as an estate agent I have kept updated on the market trends by following courses, but also kept networking with the local estate agents to find the best properties in Le Marche.

Meanwhile my wife, Monique, has specialized in holiday rentals with her company Le Marche Explorer and manages building projects. 

A presto!