Prospects and Property Hot Spots in Le Marche

Some clients have the impression that prices seem to be rising. What has the market been like of late, and what are the prospects for the future? Are there any particular property hot spots in the area? Are you looking for a long-term investment, and would you prefer to buy somewhere that’s not too far from the sea?

It might be that some property owners are increasing their asking prices but this is certainly not a general trend – yet! Our company Marche Property Net occasionally gets requests from property owners to increase their price. However, this is usually an adjustment to compensate for the falling Euro as they are quoting their prices in USD or Sterling.  However, I always inform them that although the market seems to be improving the buyer is king and it is still a ‘buyers’ market. We find that attractive properties with a good value-for-money ratio are attracting more interest and have therefor more potential to be sold.

The statistics provided by the Italian Tax Department show that asking prices for property in Le Marche are not going up. However, the figures cover all properties and not just holiday homes and apartments.

You may get the impression of higher prices if you are looking for properties close to the sea. Traditionally properties near the sea tend to be more expensive, not only because of the location, but also because Italians too are interested – increased demand means higher prices. Furthermore, there are not as many properties near the sea that match the requirements for your dream house: tranquillity, unspoiled (sea) views and a property with ‘character’. Along the Adriatic coast you will notice that the location of the autostrada, the railway line and the many coastal towns limits the number of interesting properties; and a limited supply again leads to an increase in prices.

The best value can be found if you look inland say between 10 and 40km from the coast. As long as the property is near the the superstrada then access to the coast and the mountains is

very convenient. As well as better value for money, properties in this region can offer coastal views, mountain views – or both!

I personally have a preference for Macerata province which in itself qualifies as a ‘sweet spot’. Why? Because there are numerous lovely villages, parks and restaurants, access to the superstrada and the right mix of what makes Le Marche so famous: ‘Monti e Mare’.