Predictions for the real estate market of Le Marche in 2023 – 2024

If we look at our sales figures of 2022 in Le Marche we see a stronger than ever uptick in sales. I never have seen such a strong increase in sales since I started 20 years ago. Admittingly, sales of second homes in Italy is better than ever also in other parts of Italy. And looking at the number of enquiries, visits and already planned sales this year it appears that also 2024 will be a good year.

Due to its diversity, not only because of the famous “Mare e Monti” and “Whole Italy in One Region” (as the Le Marche Tourist Board is promoting the region), but also for the diversity of properties for sale, Le Marche caters to a broad range of clients.

Already now we can see an increase in enquiries for apartments with a shared pool and holiday villas. We are additionally getting more enquiries for starting a commercial activity like a small complex with three of four apartments sometimes combined with a restaurant or a B&B. Also, there are a number of first-time investors who are looking for new investment opportunities. All on offer in Le Marche.

Furthermore, in Le Marche, as in other parts of Italy, it is normal to negotiate and try to reduce the asking price. However, we see a tendency that owners are less willing to drop the price too much while negotiating. A development which will most likely continue this year. Still, compared to other regions you will get a better value for money in Le Marche.

Concerning where to look in Le Marche, clients either have a preference for a property near the coast, where the prices tend to be higher, or more inland toward the mountains where the property prices are a bit lower, and the views are breath-taking. However, there are quite some areas in Le Marche where you can have both! Le Marche is a relatively narrow region with a good infrastructure and when your property is located near  – a few minutes drive – from a “superstrada” or a provincial road, you can reach the beach, or mountains, relatively quickly (with perfect hiking trails in the Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini). Especially, if you plan to stay in Italy also during the wintertime the region is great to go skiing (without having to travel too much). Just keep an eye on the surrounding roads, infrastructure and check your travel times.

Do not underestimate the so called “builders finish” properties: standing properties where the main works like foundation, walls and roof are done and the construction crane and scaffolding are already removed. These are perfect properties for clients who would like to add their own touch without committing themselves to a full restoration project. At the moment, we have quite a few of these in our portfolio.