How to start exploring Le Marche?

Le Marche, which offers just about everything Italy has to offer but many people do not know much about the region. How could you start exploring Le Marche?

The Le Marche tourist board is promoting Le Marche as “Italy in one region”. Usually these slogans are a bit empty but in Le Marche you will find all the good things Italy can offer: good food, friendly people, rich history and culture, mysterious mountains, charming hills and a deep blue sea. Many times, you will hear that the combination of “Monti e Mare” (mountains and the sea) gives that extra twist. Furthermore, compared to other popular Italian regions like Tuscany and Umbria, Le Marche is more authentic. Once an Italian investor from Milan told me that Le Marche is how Italy should be.

Where to start

Hence, it is not difficult to see why people, after exploring Italy, are choosing Le Marche as their base. The fact that property prices are moderate with an exceptional good price-quality rate of possibilities compared with other popular regions is simply a bonus. But where to start? Because Le Marche is offering such a variety, you have to start thinking what you expect from living in Italy. Do you prefer the mountains, with skiing in the winter, or do you like splashing around the Adriatic Sea and enjoying a good fishmeal at one of the many restaurants near the beach? The funny thing is that you can have it all: Le Marche is quite long and relatively narrow. The distance between the mountains and the sea is only 40km. Access and getting around the region is easy with the Autostrada (A14), Superstrade and mostly well-maintained provincial roads. This guarantees that most of the time you are rarely more than 1.5 hours from an Airport. The beaches or the mountains are usually not more than 40 or 45 minutes away, so being more inland doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy the beach life and, conversely, from the coast you can easily reach the mountains for a wonderful hike or to ski. Le Marche is truly offering “Monti e Mari”.

For your journey, I would recommend starting your holiday by selecting two or three attractive and comfortable rental accommodations in the North, Centre and South. Maybe try one closer to the beach and another a bit more toward the mountains. Look at our rental website Le Marche Explorer for suggestions. Stay there a few days or a week and contact professional and fully licenced estate agents like Marche Property Net to spend an enjoyable day of exploring the property market. I always recommend spending a full day with an estate agent and exploring the area on your own for the next few days to get to know the surroundings. Remember you are not only buying a house but also the Italian lifestyle: where is the nearest piazza for your morning cappuccino?