Buying a property in Le Marche as an Investment

Buying a property in Le March as an investment. What is the rental season like in Le Marche? What kind of rent-per-week could you expect on a property? What is the current house price growth per annum?

It is increasingly interesting to consider investing in a property because of the current low interest rates. Furthermore, compared to Tuscany and Umbria, the value for money in Le Marche is much higher. In addition, the number of foreign tourists visiting Le Marche is still growing.

Rental season in Le Marche

Roughly, you could define the rental season as follows: May, June, September and October are the so-called shoulder seasons and July-August is the high season. With some decent promotion, you could expect to rent out your property ten to twelve weeks a year. Clever marketing and competitive rental rates could bring in more weeks.


I would recommend looking at our rental website, Le Marche Explorer, and selecting properties fitting your budget. This suggests the rental rates range from € 800 – € 1000 for the shoulder season and € 1250 – € 1300 for the high season. These are rental rates for properties with a swimming pool. You could also consider investing in a luxury holiday apartment like Azienda Mastrocola. You could easily ask up to € 1500 per week in the high season. Another advantage of investing in an apartment with communal garden and swimming pool is that you share the costs for maintaining a property. This will guarantee you a higher rate-of- return.

I wish I could be firm on telling you the house price growth per annum! However, we are starting to see some good signs and the ‘bad’ years are certainly behind us. After years of gradually dropping prices, we now see a stabilization of the house prices. On top of that, it is even more attractive for the English and American buyers due to the low value of the Euro. This could well be the right moment to buy a property in Italy and especially in Le Marche.